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3 Advantages Pertaining To The Hiring Of Tuition Teacher At Various Tiers Of Education

Over the years, in the education system of India, one can see the spirit of stiff competition. This appears to have been imbibed from the very beginning of the education system, which is at the school level. As the kids go on into the senior classes, the subjects start getting difficult with science, geography, history, economics, and computers becoming part of the curriculum. Sometimes, the English and MIL papers are also subjected to tuition because of the level of difficulty.

Most people also go for tutoring of the subjects that are taught in the colleges, usually in the science stream. But tutors are available for other subjects in the commerce and arts stream also. Since the students have passed from the schools and entered into the colleges, sometimes they are not able to grasp things easily. In such a case, parents as well as children want to take up the services of the tutors, so that they can perform better in the final 10+2 exams of their respective boards. Much of the enthusiasm for the tuition system is because of the advantages that people have experienced. Some of them are:

  • Better understanding of the course matter is possible with the tuition teacher coming into the home of the children. Sometimes, the classes are held with more than one kid, which can amount to a group coaching concept. Teaching the kids in this method gives a one to one approach, due to which the teachers can give better attention to the children. This helps in understanding the weaker aspects of the kids and these are then tried to be consolidated. Some parents seek single tutors for single subjects and try to strengthen those subjects while the others are studied by the kids themselves.
  • Some kids are of the inattentive type so that they are not able to read by themselves. As they go into senior classes, this issue of theirs might take a bigger form. But it has been seen that they are able to study properly in the presence of the tutor. In order to harness the attention of the kids, many parents are interested for such type of teaching for their children. Although, over the years, the attention deficit is compensated, many students get into the habit also.
  • When the parents are not able to give sufficient time to look after the course studies of their children due to their work pressure, the tutoring is a welcome concept. Tuition teacher is hired for the education of their kids, if both the parents are working and have lots of work pressure as well as longer office hours. In the guidance of the teacher, such children can work through their home-works and class notes and have been known to secure good marks.

The concept of tutors coming in and giving private coaching is not a new phenomenon. The only thing is that such a concept is being practised in more numbers in recent years. And such a concept has taken a firm rooting in the society because many people are able to afford it and also it is being seen as a necessity because high scores are required to study for subsequent stages.

Increasing Trend Of Home Tuition Seen In The Present Scenario

It is well known to everyone that the primary and secondary level education in a country is a sign of better things to come in the future. Plenty of stress is being laid on the strengthening of education at these levels in India also. It is no surprise that various internationally established and acclaimed schools are opening their branches in different cities of India. There has also been sufficient effort from the part of the government, so that people are able to educate their children.

This has also given rise to the huge competition among the school students as well as the students of higher classes. As parents, it is further adding to their responsibilities to give an edge to their children in this stiff competition. The home tuition system has come as a respite for the parents as well as the children in present day scenario.

In such a method, people hire a teacher or tutor to teach different subjects to their kids. There can be the engagement of a single teacher, who can cover most of the subjects of the schools or colleges, or in many cases, there is only a single teacher for a single subject. Private tutor in the higher classes are of the later type, where they concentrate on a single subject. For the lower classes, mostly up to the 6-7th standards, many people engage a single teacher to cover different subjects.

In the single teacher concept, a private tutor is asked to come at a particular time according to the convenience of the teacher or the children. He or she then takes up the task of teaching different topics from all the subjects either on a single day or separately on different days. It can also be arranged by the teacher as to how the routine would be followed. Even, the duration of the tutoring can be decided by the home tutor as per the convenience and receptiveness of the students.

In many cities nowadays, the home tutors are being found in large numbers because it gives an additional source of income for many, who are otherwise engaged in the teaching profession. People with specialisation in various subjects but involved in non-teaching professions, are also coming forward for home tuitions in the metro cities. Gradually, such teachers for the purpose of tuitions are found in the smaller cities as well as parents are eager to give an additional help for their kids.

Many college going students are also seeking private tutor, so that they can grasp their subjects in a better and quicker manner. Mostly in the science subjects, the availability of the home tutors is becoming common, who take up a single subject. There was a phase where coaching centres and classroom tuitions were prevalent. But the social scenario has again got redirected towards home tuitions which was a norm in the historical dates where the wards of the rich and famous were able to afford private teaching and teachers. Such a concept of home tuition is being looked at as an advantage for the kids, and therefore people are seeking to have the best quality education for their kids to score good marks.